Dara Lamb

In 1982, Dara Lamb founded her company because she couldn’t find anything to wear.

“I was 22, just out of school, working in my brothers’ engineering office. When they sent me out to meet clients, I needed appropriate suits---and I could hardly find anything. Even when I found a dress or suit in a style I liked, the tailoring and the fabric were not the quality I expected. As I went from store to store, it became apparent that women’s clothes were not comparable to the fine suits my brothers were wearing. And they cost more!

“I thought, ‘This can’t be right. And I can’t be only woman who feels this way.’ So I started making clothes for us.”

Dara’s tailored collection has been influenced by Italian styling and workmanship. Her softer suitings acknowledge the influence of Mme. Chanel and other masters. Dara goes to Paris and Milan twice each year to work with European mills and select fabrics for her collections.

Dara Lamb has been featured in Business Week, Departures Magazine, New York Magazine,. The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Dara has spoken on clothing as a tool for professional development and entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School, Columbia Business School. Brooklyn Law School, and Baruch College.

Her original objective remains the same: To produce the finest hand-made clothing for women.

Dara Lamb




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