Bring dramatic color into your wardrobe—

For business, important meetings, weddings, luncheons and evenings.

Woven in one of England’s oldest, family-owned mills…
light enough for Fall transition, strong enough to protect you from November’s chill.

And the colors!

A superb palette to brighten your events and special occasions.

We love them because they tailor with beautiful, crisp lines to accent with contrasting piping.


Jacket: CJ31-S0A-SL2P
Pant:  PN82-W  

Fabric: Deep Citron 61/Black Trim
100% English Wool Satin Gabardine
Button: Cov 50L

Garments Hand-Made in NYC


Citron-Black Trim walkingcoat with matching wide leg pants. Perfect for European touring or for wowing the crowds.




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